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Yes, media, we KNOW Hillary will almost certainly be the nominee

March 28, 2016

Of all the irritating things that have happened in campaign 2016, perhaps the worst is the media’s incessant need to remind us that Hillary leads in delegates and will [most likely] be the nominee.

On behalf of most Bernie supporters, let me say, for the record:


Let’s review:

  • Hillary is, for all intents & purposes, running unopposed.  Bernie is not a Democrat and has none of her establishment/Superdelegate support, or corporate funding.
  • The GOP circus, and Trump in particular, have dominated headlines such that almost nobody is even paying attention to the Democrats, and Hillary’s horrendous poll numbers (53% unfavorability).  As the Church Lady might say, “isn’t that conveeeeenient?”
  • Despite the inevitability of Hillary as the nominee, Bernie continues to draw big crowds and remain relevant.  Make no mistake, THIS is what is making the Hillary dead-enders angry.

The story is not Bernie supporters think he can defeat the DNC machine and become the nominee.

The story is:  “A bald, 75-year-old Jewish Democratic Socialist from Brooklyn is drawing support & crowds in a virtually unwinnable election, particularly from the under-30 vote, which he’s getting at an 80% clip in some areas.”

The story is also: “A sizable chunk of the Democratic electorate would like there to be any reasonable choice other than Hillary Clinton.”

Or you could go with: “A politician with a 53% unfavorability rate is the hand-picked candidate of the DNC and boy isn’t it fortunate that her opponent in the general election looks to be the ONE person with higher unfavorability!”

But make no mistake – the era of the corrupt, corporate Democrats is coming to an end.  Hillary’s supporters are aging rapidly and their fond memories of winning 2 presidential elections in the 90s are getting farther & farther in the rear-view mirror.  Ultimately the Hillary dead-enders hate that young people see her for the corrupt phony that she is.

So wish them well, and congratulate them that Hillary will get her “turn.”  My guess is, unless she is able to again draw a wildly unpopular opponent in the general election, she will be a 1-termer, and NO, Hillary dead-enders, it’s not because she’s a woman.

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